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Beulah–Quaint and quiet, the unincorporated community of Beulah, Co, is situated in the beautiful Wet Mountains, 23 miles southwest of Pueblo at approximately 6,800 feet above sea level.

Many Native American tribes passed through the Beulah area. Many sought shelter in the natural caves along the streams as evidenced by the numerous petroglyphs and artifacts found nearby, as well as accounts of their early activity in the valley.

The small community is one of the earliest settlements in the Wet Mountains. It was first known in the 1840s as Fisher’s Hole. In the 1860s it was renamed Mace’s Hole after the outlaw and cattle rustler Juan Mace, who hid in the surrounding mountains. In 1876, the residents of Mace’s Hole opted to change the name of the community.”Beulah” won out over three other entries and on Oct. 25, 1876, Beulah became the official name of the community.

Just east of Beulah (near mile marker 16 on State Highway 78), a historical marker can be found,  where documentation about the Confederate Army troops from the Civil War that made Beulah their headquarters. They unsuccessfully aimed to capture Colorado and its gold mines for the Confederacy.

Just south of downtown Beulah lies the Pueblo Mountain Park. The park was purchased in the 1920s, and contains several remarkable stone structures constructed by the WPA and CCC teams during the depression of 1929. Today, the Mountain Park houses the Mountain Park Environment Center. Designed and laid out by Arthur Carhart, a well-known Landscape Architect, the area was home to the nation’s first recreational campground. The recently restored Davenport Campground lies along Squirrel Creek, which empties into the Beulah valley.

Beulah is host to an annual outdoor arts and crafts festival and one of only three Yule Log Hunts in the United States.

Approximately 900 families call Beulah home year round and the population swells to twice that in the summer. Beulah boasts a K-8 school, post office, general store, two restaurants, coffee shop and two antique and gift stores.